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3 color + brushed gold finish
Iditarod Air Force
3 watts

Crystal Glacier Water
Wasilla, Alaska
1 watt
4" x 7" table top (or wall mounted)  

Table top 3-D effect
1 watt

24" x 48" Custom hanging display
Permafrost Alaska Vodka
Palmer, Alaska
4 watts

Small  custom yacht lo-glo light
Edmonds, Washington
1 watt

Small custom for eye doctor's office.
1 watt

"Teen Underground" Donor board
Commissioned by Anchorage Rotary Club
Loussac Library, Anchorage Alaska
7 watts

Prism Kites
8" x 8" wall mounted

Large raised letters on blue mirror.
8 watts
Lo-Glo Dynamic Color Stream
Lo-Glo Dynamic Color Stream
Using "Million Color" LED controller and source

Moosewood Company
Palmer, Alaska