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Got questions? ------------Contact Lo-Glo.com here------------ Ask us a question or upload your logo for us to analize.-------------- How much do they cost? ------------- How long does it take to have one sent to me?

This is where you start the ball rolling on your Lo-Glo, or just ask us a question.
This page allows you to send us your logo for analysis. Or,  if you don't have a logo of your own, we can work with you to create one together.
Simply fill out the form below and if your logo is saved on your computer, click the browse button to locate that file and then click the Submit button.
Any info you put on this form is confidential. If you include your phone number,  Lo-Glo.com will call you during the time specified by you as it may be easier for both parties to communicate, but it's on our dime!  Be sure to specify the time zone and your best time for a phone call. 

We accept the following formats.
.cdr ( Corel) .ai, .tiff, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .pic, .bmp.

Note: If your logo is already in Corel's
.cdr format, you will receive a 10% discount on the final price or your Lo-Glo.  (the final product is laser etched from this type of file and would take considerably less work for the design department)


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